Canyon Marketing: Why We’re so Invested in The Success of Our Clients

How important is a sound marketing strategy for a business? Think of it as the relationship between a person and his heart. Without marketing, the number of potential customers (any business’ lifeblood) a business sees will dwindle. Yes, it is that important.

Unfortunately, many small business owners see internet marketing more as an expense rather than as an investment. Some are stuck in their ways and continue using print ads or television commercials. Other business owners are interested in internet marketing, yet simply do not know where to start. If you fall under any of these categories or somewhere in between, we can help you from start to finish.

Canyon Marketing is a full-service Internet marketing company based in Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We have helped countless local small to midsized business owners establish an effective internet marketing strategy. In turn, our clients have enjoyed lasting success despite today’s competitive Canadian market—and we have our founder, Geoff Hull, to thank.

Prior to establishing Canyon Marketing, Geoff noticed that many business owners were struggling with marketing, with many desperately clinging on to traditional media. At the same time, those who were trying to get into online marketing were struggling to keep up with the rapid changes search engines made to their algorithms. Realising there was a huge need for online marketing expertise, Geoff started Canyon Marketing in 2010 to help business owners find success online.

We genuinely care about the success of our clients. We regularly keep ourselves up-to-date with any and all changes Google, Bing, and other search engines make to their algorithms, as well as other new trends in the Internet marketing industry. As such, our clients always remain two steps ahead of the competition.

The savviest business owners understand that marketing is an investment: the more you devote to marketing your business, the more benefits your business reaps in the future. With that in mind, we are committed to ensuring that every cent you invest in our services helps bring your business a steady stream of customers, greater profits, and lasting success. That is the Canyon Marketing promise.

Grow your business exponentially with internet marketing. You can give us a call at 250-900-1065 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST. You can also send your enquiries to We look forward to helping turn your dreams of success into reality.

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