Do you have a Search Engine Optimization strategy?

If you are attempting to attract new customers through the Internet without a Search Engine Optimization strategy, you are shooting in the dark.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting your website to where it will be noticed by people who are searching, on the Internet, for your products or services. SEO is not just doing your keyword optimization while creating content through blog posts and keeping your website up to date. It is impacted by all elements of Internet Marketing. Optimizing your website for great search engine results means using all the marketing tools available to get maximum exposure and clicks.


Your Social Media Marketing (SMM) affects your SEO. Activity on your social media sites will have a positive effect on your SEO as it can result in people clicking through to your website to get more information. In addition, Google takes cognizance of your Social Media presence and therefore activity on your social sites will have an impact on your SEO.


Using Pay per Click (PPC) will also have an effect on your SEO efforts as it increases traffic to your site which is an important factor in Google’s ratings. This is especially signify the when your site is relatively new and not ranked. PPC, if not used wisely, can be a very expensive mistake, so it should be professionally managed to ensure that the optimum ROI is achieved.


Local Search Marketing such as our Local Buzz service focuses on optimizing Local Search Results. This is especially relevant for those businesses who serve local communities. This too will have an impact on SEO as it generates interest and traffic from the local directories.


Of all of these elements, your Reputation Marketing is the most important as it can have a significant positive or a devastatingly negative effect on your results.
Google introduced review scores in their search results a few years ago. This change means that if your business does not have a good review score, all your work and money spent in attaining a commanding position in the search results will be completely negated.
Here are some stats:
  • Research has shown that 92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses. (2015 Local Consumer Review Survey)
  • 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations (Miles Anderson – Bright Local)
  • 87% of buyers search online to find the company information after being referred a business by a friend or family member. (Real Strategic Inc.)
Google recently released their Human Rating Guidelines (see my blog post). This revealed how the online reputation of a business can affect its rating with Google and consequently its visibility in the search results.
All the above factors confirm how crucial it is to build and effectively market your reputation online.
Reputation Marketing allows the business to take control of it’s reputation and not leave it to the mercy of negative reviews.


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