Mozilla FX10: The Start of Something Big for Web Design in Nanaimo

Early in November, Mozilla teased the hashtag #fx10, which clearly alluded to a new browser. As it turned out, it really was a new browser. For developers.

Mozilla FX10 was released on November 10, the company’s 10th anniversary (a lot of 10s in one sentence). Designed for web developers, FX10 features a more integrated interface that allows users to use as few tools as possible. Several new features might bring out the web designer in users, among which is the Responsive Design View (RDV).

Mozilla FX10-a browser designed specifically for developers

RDV enables the website to be viewed in different resolutions, particularly in a mobile device environment. The difference from resizing the browser window is that only the webpage itself shrinks in RDV. Users can still have full, easy access to its browser tools while assessing the outcome of a certain design.

Clearly, Mozilla is thinking with responsive web design. As mobile device sales continue to flourish, the need for mobile versions of websites intensifies. Their smaller screens warrant websites that can easily be viewed in any size based on the medium. Responsive web design can be a game changer for businesses big and small due to its ability to attract traffic.

Beyond Resizing

However, an open-minded developer would think that responsive web design is more than just being flexible. Resizing images and arranging layouts are just some of the necessary factors in achieving the grander objective: improving user experience. How often do you see website visitors having trouble accessing links because they’re too small for their fingers?

Responsive web design is a revolution, a significant change in how web design is done. Keep in mind that this couldn’t be done using technology from the early years of the Internet. While mobile phones have been accessing the Internet as early as 2000, many considered the first iPhone—released seven years later—to be the catalyst.

These days, Nanaimo graphic design companies like Canyon Marketing use a flurry of codes like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make responsive web design work. The FX10 would be a great addition to their flourishing arsenal of web developer tools. Your business won’t miss a beat with responsive web design, now that nearly everyone’s going mobile.

As to the future of web design in general, it’s anyone’s guess. Aside from the FX10, WordPress, a popular content management system also used in Nanaimo web design, rolled out its piece of the future with the Benny update. While not much has changed from its immediate predecessor, design and function changes enabled a more streamlined way of managing content.

These updates may as well be only the beginning of something bigger.

(Source: “Mozilla FX10: a browser designed specifically for developers,” PC Pro, November 4, 2014)

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