Online Marketing Challenges for 2016

The rapidly evolving and volatile world of online marketing can be confusing and extremely challenging for businesses.

Reaching your market through the Internet is rapidly becoming, if not already, the most effective approach. However, it is also the most confusing and challenging, demanding on on-going understanding of the different channels. This is forcing the business owner to seek professional help as he or she does not have the time to keep up to date with such a constantly changing and evolving medium.


Here is a brief synopsis of what 2016 may bring:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Google still remains the most used method of finding products and services on the Internet with 63.9% of all search traffic. Bing follows with 20.8% and Yahoo next with 12.5%. Google is likely to continue to dominate, if not increase their share. Business owners, while not neglecting Bing and Yahoo, should focus on ensuring that their SEO meets the criteria that Google requires for achieving high ranking. You can read Google’s “Search Quality Guidlines” which reveals the areas they are concerned with. The biggest take away from these guidelines is the importance Google attaches to mobile responsive websites and the reputation of the business. Search Engine Land found that 78% of mobile search users use Google.


Local Search Optimisation (Local Buzz):

Technically one could say that this is the same as SEO, however the focus here is connecting to the geographic location of the searcher and producing results that relate to that location. This is becoming even more important as mobile search is overtaking desktop search and means that businesses need to have mobile responsive websites to attract those mobile searchers.


Social Media Marketing (SMM/SMO):

In 2015 over 73% of Internet users had a least one social networking profile. This percentage is unlikely to diminish.
Facebook currently dominate the market with 54.4%, followed by YouTube at 22.2% and Twitter at 4.8%. The predicted growth in online videos could see YouTube increasing their share.
Businesses today need to take cognisance of the need to have a live and active presence in the Social Media in order to reach their market. This requires regular postings and content updates to promote interest in their brand.


Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC):

PPC will continue to be an effective means of reaching your market, especially for those business who have yet to achieve a high search results ranking. Google make an exceptional amount of money from PPC and will be continuing to look for ways to increase this source of revenue. There are rumours that PPC will be making an appearance in the Local Search Results and 2016 will reveal whether this is true or not.


Reputation Marketing:

Underpinning all the above methods of reaching your target market, your Reputation Marketing will determine the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Your online reputation can have the most positive or damaging impact on your marketing efforts. A few years back, Google introduced their review score. However, there are still a considerable number of businesses that are unaware of the important role their review score plays in determining the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. 2016 is likely to see more businesses recognising the need to implement a Reputation Marketing strategy to complement their overall marketing plan.


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Statistics obtained from Search Engine Land.

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