Increase your Local Visibility and Generate Buzz about your Business through Reviews,
Check-ins, and Promos – Increase Traffic, Leads, and Sales!

Local Buzz

The Local Buzz service is about creating a “buzz” around your business in your local area. We are one of the few online marketing agencies that develop a presence for your business in the local directories.

What is Local Buzz?

Local Buzz is about building your presence in local listings, maps, and reviews in search engines and on major sites such as Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare thus increasing it’s visibility online through local search optimisation.

Why Do You Need Local Buzz?

Research revealed that local search has grown by 144% from 2007 to 2011? Although there isn’t more recent information available at present, reports indicate that recent growth is similar, with the trend moving towards increased local search on mobile devices. Local listings on Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places and Foursquare are more targeted to customers as they focus on the geographic location. Local Buzz focuses on local listings search through reviews, check-ins, and promotions to increase your business’ visibility and create a viral effect in the local scene.

Generate buzz locally to boost your sales!
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Local Buzz is the Future

The rise in mobile device usage has changed local search and buying behaviour by making it possible for consumers to search on-the-go for instant information found in local business listings, often moments before they actually drop by and buy. Google has recognised this and recently indicated that a mobile optimised site would be more favourable considered than a site that is not mobile optimised.

What We Do? – Local Buzz Services

  • Local Business Listing Research and Creation – We research the status of your business in local web properties, checking to see where you have or don’t have a web presence and whether there are duplicates confusing the users. We’ll ensure your accounts are setup and verified.
  • Local Mobile “Check In” Visibility – We promote your local mobile check-in promotions via your Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Google Places accounts to encourage more check-ins and more business as well as strengthen your local signals.
  • Image Creation, Optimisation, and Publication
  • Customised Citation Building
  • Review Publication and Promotion Creation
  • Social Updates of Promotions and Events
  • And much, much more!!!

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