Online Reputation Marketing

There is no mechanism to regulate or to ensure fairness about positive or negative reviews online. Online Reputation Marketing will ensure that positive reviews about you will dominate the online world!

Online Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing will give you the edge that your business needs to achieve premier status in your industry and position your business as the market leader in your region.

Entering the company name and a city when you do a search, reveals the company’s reputation. So do you Google yourself and don’t like what you see? Well, what you see is what your prospects and customers see.

Most searchers aren’t looking for you, but they are looking for reviews about you, even when a customer has referred someone to you. They will want to check you out online and they will find your reviews.

So you need to make sure when someone types in your name, they will find a five-star rating about your business.

You may have the patience not to act on negative comments about you or your business but your prospects and customers may not be as forgiving. Fact: 80% of people surveyed had changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw online. And with competition tighter than ever, businesses are seeing that Online Reputation Marketing is now a necessity.

What is Online Reputation Marketing?

It’s very simple.  Position your business as the market leader in front of thousands of buyers with simply a five-star reputation.  Building a five-star reputation online and then going out and marketing that reputation is the most powerful and most trusted type of marketing that any business can do.

Your online reputation is vital! With the huge and ever-growing population searching online to evaluate businesses –, bad comments and reviews about your business can gravely affect your target market’s purchasing decision. This is why it is critical to market and monitor your online reputation and have a plan of action to counter any negative material and proactively act to produce positive material about you, your brand, your business, products/services.

Why Market Your Online Reputation

According to studies, 78% of Internet users conduct product research online and 80% had a change in purchase decision after seeing a negative review online. Furthermore, 92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. Your business can be at the mercy of online commentaries – or you can use these to your advantage! Online reputation marketing allows you to take full advantage of positive reviews and  respond to negative comments the moment they appear. This proactive approach ensures that favourable reviews dominate search results, pushing down negative ones in the process.

Also, 44% of online adults have searched for information about someone whose services or advice they seek in a professional capacity, like a doctor, lawyer, or plumber. You can use Reputation Marketing to give these searchers a great “first impression” online.

Get an online Reputation Marketing consultation now to protect your business and to NOT allow detractors to slow you down!


What We Do? – Online Reputation Services

  • Review Monitoring – We will monitor all the popular directories and social sites for  reviews about your product, service, or business.
  • Review Generation – We provide your customers with a very easy way to post a review about your product, service or business.
  • Review Reporting – We report on all reviews found and collected, giving you an early opportunity to respond to poor reviews.
  • Review Broadcasting – We post your positive reviews on directory and social sites to give your positive reviews the most exposure in order to help you dominate your market online.
  • Review Video Production – We produce professional review videos for posting on your website and social sites.
  • Customer Relationship Management – We provide you with a CRM where you can establish regular communication with those valuable customers that have taken the time to post a review.
  • Reputation Marketing Training – We provide a training program for your staff in order for them to understand the concept of Reputation Marketing.
Make sure prospects see the best of you when they search online. Send us a message now or call us at 1-800-380-5095 to inquire about our Online Reputation Services.