What’s so Special About Vancouver B.C. Internet Marketing Experts Ask

What’s so special about Vancouver?

Tech-savvy entrepreneur Kelly Hoey believes the answer to this question is the key in making it well-known in the competitive market. A University of B.C. graduate, Hoey moved to New York and worked to become one of the most influential people in tech entrepreneurship. She has a stake in New York’s digital industry, colloquially known as “Silicon Alley.”

She tells Jim Morris of the Vancouver Sun how beautifully technology has evolved. Modern business can’t do without it.

“There are a lot of people who are creating and building things. In many ways technology has levelled the playing field for more opportunities and a greater diversity of the population to have a social and economic impact. That’s kind of exciting.”

She also makes mention of Vancouver being an outdoorsy kind of city. The question changes: “How can businesses harness technology to capitalise on Vancouver’s selling point?”

“You think of the healthy outdoor lifestyle in Vancouver,” she said. “What are the tech-enabled businesses that can build upon that?”

Of course, you know the list doesn’t end there.

Vancouver could learn a thing or two from New Yorks Silicon Alley

What Makes Vancouver

Somewhere along the way, the city became known for its sleepiness, as English writer Rudyard Kipling wrote. When he visited Vancouver in 1889, he remarked on the city’s “absence of bustle” compared to an American town. Perhaps it’s because of the province’s British origins, saying that Englishmen spoke the tongue correctly.

Vancouver is also a melting pot of cultures, with Chinese, South Asians, Filipinos, Koreans, Europeans, and even aborigines living together. It’s one of the most ethnically-diverse cities in Canada.

Where Local Buzz Fits In

It’s important for businesses to make their products and services relevant to the local market. It’s the playing field where small businesses can flourish under a local economy by satisfying local demand. With search engines more focused on localised searches than before, local buzz should all the more be a part of a solid B.C. Internet marketing strategy.

If you want to provide free guides on how to own a home in Vancouver, take advantage of the city’s ethnic diversity by making them in different languages. That will make the locals feel more appreciated about their woes, if any. Being there for your customers is the best thing you can do, regardless of what you sell.

B.C. local business marketing companies like Canyon Marketing can help you out with local buzz. Using tried-and-true online marketing strategies, they will eliminate duplicate listings, compile positive reviews, generate interesting content, and more. By investing in technology, Vancouver may—one day—have its own “Silicon Alley.”


(Source: “Vancouver could learn a thing or two from New York’s ‘Silicon Alley,’ The Vancouver Sun, October 31, 2014)

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