Your Best Foot Forward: Eye-catching Web Design

For the same reason that you wear your best suit when meeting a client, you should take the same care when designing and setting your website. Your online store will be the public face of your company, and you’d want people visiting your site to have a good first impression of your business. Local web design agencies, such as Canyon Marketing, can provide web design for Nanaimo companies, large and small, as well as for independent professionals too busy to set up their own web page.

3 Unusual Ways To Increase Your landing page Conversions

Why go to a professional designer when you think it would be more affordable to have to do it on your own? Web marketing professionals possess the tools to do website audits.  These audits are used to help advise web designers on how to set up their client’s page to lower the bounce rate, which is the amount of visitors that leave your website after a mere glance at your page.  A high bounce rate means people are leaving your site without even looking around and checking out your products. A professional web designer will know the factors that keep visitors away and will know how to get them engaged. Daniel Glickman, writing for Forbes, illustrates how great web design turns site visitors to customers:

When people visit your site, your goal is to keep them engaged. You want to do everything in your power to control them from migrating away from your site. Overwhelming them with blocks of texts or overloaded graphics, or making it too easy for them to leave, can seriously hamper your conversion rate.

However, all too often when trying to make the best landing page design, people attempt to utilize innovative design techniques but end up forgetting the importance of web design basics. These include studying user experience, taking advantage of negative space to focus the viewer’s eyes, stressing clarity and brevity, and controlling hyperlinks to keep visitors on the site.

This know-how should be combined with effective graphic design for Nanaimo business websites that attract and impress. Landing pages are just the beginning, though – you’ll want the complete package for your entire website, designed optimised from page to page. Developing a simple and eye-catching look for your site, as well as optimising the content for successful marketing isn’t for amateurs.  Let web design and online marketing professionals lay out the strategies to put your site effectively up front on the search results engine pages.

Integrating your brand seamlessly into your website is also another task professional web designers can do for you. An amateur would put merely put up your company masthead at the top, but a more experienced hand would use the right mix of content and images, along with the skillful blend of colors to play up the logo, but in more subtle ways. It’s also important to present a particular personality through the nature and tone of content posted on the site.

Professional web designers will help ensure your website is responsive to visitors and customers alike. With mobile technology becoming more widespread, having a site that adapts to the size of mobile screens would help increase your site’s accessibility. More access means more potential customers.


(Source: 3 Unusual Ways To Increase Your Landing Page Conversions, Forbes, September 24, 2014)

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